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Wie is Caroline Cory en wat doet zij?

Caroline Cory is lerares bewustzijnsontwikkeling, nieuwe spiritualiteit, energetische geneeswijzen en metafysica. Ze geeft wereldwijd lezingen, cursussen en workshops en is de bedenker van de OMnium methode, een manier om informatie op een energetische wijze over te brengen. Ze heeft drie boeken geschreven en een veelheid aan geleide meditaties gepubliceerd.

"I am a teacher of Consciousness and Spiritual Studies. I am the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing, which is an experience-based method that allows information to be transferred organically into the cells rather than being processed by the human mind. (That is how it is really done in the outer universe). I am also the author of 3 books and a multitude of guided meditations and radio webcasts. I am now working on a new film and an ecological project for 2011." (De film is intussen klaar :-) Op haar website kun je daar meer over vinden).

That is what I do as a “day job” but who I really am is a different story. About 15 years ago, I awakened fully to my real lineage. As I could see subtle energy very clearly, I could differentiate the various types of beings there are in this universe and other universes and so I was able to identify the type of being that I was and where I really came from. I saw very clearly the makeup and construct of the universes and how intelligent life gets implanted in various areas of the multiverse for various purposes. So, in brief, I can say that I am a type of universal being who can assist in the recovery of planets that are stuck in a misaligned position within the galaxy and universe. My energetic work (what I really do) involves integrating new DNA patterns on the Earth plane, raising the vibration of the collective consciousness of a species, creating new ways and belief systems on the Earth that will bring about fundamental change, implementing various grid calibrations to allow a new reality to surface on the Earth, opening specific pathways for communication and transport between Earth, the Galaxy and Source at the center of this Local Universe etc. etc. How is that for a job description?

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Mastering the Human Mind
Graag wil ik jullie attenderen op het door Mariska Evelein in het Nederlands vertaalde programma: de Mastering the Human Mind serie van Caroline Cory.

Deze Engelstalige Online series biedt Caroline Cory aan

Mastering the human mind
The healers program
Mastering the creative formula

Interview met Caroline Cory over haar boek: 'Een poort in de tijd'
uit Paravisie, september 2010 (Nederlandstalig)

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(Haar boek vertelt diepgaand over het hele proces waarin we zitten en doorheen gaan en wat nog zeker enige jaren duurt.
Alleen al het boek in huis hebben liggen, brengt de energie binnen.
Een boek dat elke keer als je het leest weer nieuwe inzichten geeft.)

Het orginele interview staat hieronder.

Why did you write the book 'The Divine Plan'?
For several reasons. The first one being to shed light on the subject of 2012. There seems to be more of a linear understanding of what 2012 entails. In addition to the galactic alignment and the geo-physical events that everyone talks about, I wanted to explain how earthly reality is truly constructed, therefore how it can be shifted. If you understand how reality is made then you will know exactly how to function within it. If you know how to function within it, then you know how you can create what you want, how you can heal etc. and more importantly, how the earth reality is being shifted altogether. All this is being done through the “upgrading” of the Earth Grid System. It is this Earth Grid, which wraps around the Earth at 5-7,000 miles above its circumference that creates reality. If you change that “matrix”, the reality within it changes. I explain all this quite clearly in the book but it gets a bit technical and people may not truly grasp this entire concept.
In addition to explaining how Earthly reality is really changing, meaning the mechanics of it all, I also wanted to explain that there are various types of Beings orchestrating this plan. This is the cool part. There is an unprecedented gathering of universal beings on the Earth (I am not talking about ETs from Sirius B or the Pleiades). These are the “big guys” now doing all sorts of work that is very difficult to describe or comprehend, truly extraordinary. I am hoping that this part alone will bring hope to people on the Earth to know that there is divine presence in human form now on the Earth orchestrating all this, in addition to those in spirit form as well. This is a very complex multi-dimensional “operation” we are implementing here so I am hoping that my book will bring this additional perspective.

What are in your opinion the most important signs that a new age is about to begin?
I would say: The new age has already begun. The signs are everywhere:

1. big exposure of the failure of the monetary system that is based on a completely “fake” structure or fiat money

2. exposure of the failures of many corporate entities and therefore governmental entities

3. scandals in the churches and religious establishments etc. etc. All these things make up the old paradigm and the exposure of their failures - and I believe, imminent collapse - is a sign that the new age has already begun. Additionally, we have had significant Earth changes that point to the fact that more imminent changes are occurring such as the breaking of the earth axis, the magnetic field of the Earth that is turning and the massive amounts of ice breaking off of Antarctica for example. The above are the observable things, which will continue for quite some time. Some aspects will manifest as of 2013, some after 2020 and the more significant ones – such as the spiritual oneness – as of 2035.

What will be the most striking differences between the old system and the new?
Transparency. The old system is based on control and separation. You have to go through others to know the real truth behind what you are being told by the media, the government (which is mostly the same thing). The new system allows a direct contact with information on all levels. Because a new Earth grid system is being instilled, the pathways of communication, transport and time / space will allow this transparency to be present not only throughout the globe, but also throughout the galaxy and the universe. You will see more and more people grasping the truth behind their reality in a direct way and that is true freedom.
There will also be an amazing amount of new information pouring into the Earth gradually but in more massive quantities so to speak. And this amount of information will jolt the humans who are on the earth into a new level of awareness. You now think recycling and being ecological is truly evolved? Wait until this new batch of information comes in. People will become aware of their cosmic friends in a new way, not just like ETs or crop circles and things like that. It will be a new era of opening to the outer worlds so the concept of universal oneness will be based on a very highly sophisticated energy form that supplies the human with their energy intake requirements, their spiritual understanding will be universal and their cosmic connection will be tremendous.

What will be Earth’s place in the cosmos after the ‘revolution’?
The Earth is now playing a very important role in the expansion of the universe. While it is being realigned into a new cosmic position, it is also allowing the universe to expand further on many levels, namely in terms of physical space as well as in terms of consciousness. There is an unprecedented amount of DNA “upgrade” being done on the Earth that would normally take millennia. But this DNA upgrade is orchestrated at this point so that the new human species could push the creative process of intelligent life into new areas that have not been explored before. In other words, Earth will carry a new genetic DNA code that normally would not exist in this part of the universe and in this type of species. And that is huge.

Reading your book, it became clear to me that change will come in waves, not suddenly. So what is the importance of 2012 in this regard?
Good question. 2012 is only one aspect of the Earth shift, which has to do with planetary alignment with the galactic core. That alone does not trigger all of the geophysical changes that everyone talks about. The geophysical events are already occurring in a sporadic way (thank God for that) because the Earth could not sustain one massive geo-physical event. It will simply explode due to the massive amounts of toxic nuclear material that exists on the Earth now. But because most people base their findings on human history – such as the Mayan calendar for example - they will only see those aspects related to the astronomical changes. If they could see the entire multi-dimensional picture of what is occurring then they will see that the galactic alignment is only one aspect of the whole thing.
I have to say that Earth was practically dead or that it has been surviving on CPR, really, because of all the damage done on so many levels, which are all interrelated (consciousness, education, spirituality, cosmology, ecology etc.) It is really a mess. The only way to recreate a new Earth is multi-dimensionally so we will have many different things being shifted at once but in a very careful, gradual, well-orchestrated way as if we were doing a very complex heart surgery on the body of a tiny delicate infant of some sort.

Change can be frightening and I guess the downfall of the old ways will claim it’s victims. Should we be afraid or is that not necessary?
Law of attraction, remember? Fear attracts fear. Very simple. The only way to gracefully navigate through the changes is to remain focused on the now and to remain connected to Source. Focusing on what may or what may not happen in the future, puts you outside yourself, therefore in misalignment. I created many tools especially the meditation “Connecting to Source” that allows you to raise your vibration instantly to 1,000 Hz, you will feel immediate connection, calm and centeredness and from that place you can create and receive guidance. You can find this meditation in Dutch on my website, it is free of charge.

Do you have any concrete predictions about this year and the next and maybe especially for Europe and Holland?
Don’t like the word “predictions” as everything is still being created... I would say the major trends point towards the following: Very strong meteoric and electromagnetic energy over parts of Holland and most of Europe, which brings about unusual electrical outages and very powerful storms and floods. These also affect the human brain by feeling irritated, unable to concentrate or sleep, feeling you are going crazy etc. I also see some major political reforms in Europe whereas the political factions are more and more separated (this is the old system becoming more incoherent); The continued collapse of governmental structures in the Eastern Block, which creates a higher burden for the West; Germany will play a new role in the “economic recovery” plans; And Russia will anticipate a war strategy with the US while hiding behind other nations such as North Korea and the nations of Islam.

Do you have any messages to our readers?
Stay focused on who you really are and what you came to do: You are here to bring a higher consciousness (Source Frequency) to the Earth and that cannot be accomplished if you are frazzled or in fear about events outside of you. You can still create the reality you want no matter what the rest of the world is doing. And more importantly, you must do this now, there is no more time to waste. The 2 worlds are separating drastically and the momentum that is building up will make it harder to shift. There are many tools and a support structure available, so do it now, do not delay.